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Why Wear A Reflective Vest?

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

We often see a lot of work in the life of the staff, wearing a reflective vest or with a reflective strip of uniforms, then why do they work to wear these uniforms? Xiaobian and below to see why wear a reflective vest? The

First reflective vest vest can alert others to improve safety. Reflective vest fabrics are generally fluorescent color, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange-based, these two colors visibility, in the daytime can play a very good warning role.

Followed by wearing a reflective vest vest can avoid unnecessary damage, reduce the risk factor. High-quality reflective vest are equipped with reflective bands are high-quality, reflective distance can reach several hundred meters, need to work at night construction workers, must wear. Or in the truck, forklifts, cranes, towers and other machinery operating environment, the workers are very vulnerable.

The emergence of reflective materials, especially the use of reflective vest in various industry areas, successfully solved the "see" and "see" this night driving or outdoor work problems.

Reflective vest belongs to the scope of labor insurance industry, although labor insurance products have long been widely used by workers, but labor insurance products as a real industry to run, only in recent years, so compared to other mature industries, it is significant , Immature and cohabitation.

Due to the reasons for the audience, coupled with the lack of awareness of the protection of employees on the market, most of the labor insurance products on the market are not up to international or national standards, production of labor insurance products enterprises have repeatedly reduced production costs and reduce profits, while neglected Product standards to enhance.

In this market situation, relative to the domestic brand or the general labor insurance market, the advantages of some foreign brands will be highlighted, after investigation, Xiaobian summed up the current market to do a few better brands for your reference:

International brands: anti-Friends, 3M, Delta tower, can now say that these brands in the labor insurance industry can be considered the industry Big Brother.

Domestic brands: Uncle Uncle (in this sub-field, domestic brands less)

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