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Why Do You Want To Make A Reflective Strips, Do You Make It?

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

The so-called people rely on clothing horse saddle, the same person with a different dress to bring people's feelings may be bad days do not. The car's painting is like people's clothes, in addition to cold and warm protection of the skin's function, the most important thing is to enhance the value of the effect.

Of course, in addition to ordinary painting, there are some special features of the coating.

Such as with advertising effect:

And with camouflage effect:

However, in my big day, there is a Chinese characteristics of the socialist painting ~

So why should the problem come?

According to GA 406-2002 "body Reflective Strips logo" all trucks (including three-wheeled vehicles, low-speed trucks and cargo car chassis modified special work vehicles) and trailers should be in the rear, side paste in line with "motor vehicle safety technical conditions" (GB7258-2004) No. 3 modification requirements of the body Reflective Strips logo.

With the green travel advocate Risheng, choose electric cars, bicycle travel more and more residents, followed by the rapid growth in the number of non-motor vehicles. To reduce the safety hazards of non-motor vehicle driving, to ensure that the majority of residents of the security awareness, March 14, the city a community free of charge for the residents and paste the Reflective Strips article. This move is welcomed by the majority of the residents.

In the process of distribution, the community workers not only inform the residents of the correct use of the method of posting the cursor, but also to the residents of universal traffic safety, about violations of traffic regulations, to inform you how to prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and enhance residents' awareness of traffic safety.

The event posted a total of more than 20 pieces of Reflective Strips, the next step, Xiang Yue Eastern community will be in the area to promote this practice, let the road along the transport can "light up", so that people go back to the more secure

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