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What Is The Effect Of The Reflective Material On The Work Clothes?

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2017

Reflective: reflective brightness reflective fabric is excellent, such as the reflection intensity of typical reflecting strength of typical values for silver products and white fluorescent yellow 500CPL reflective plastic film plant is 700CPL, in the night or bad vision environment to provide the most effective, the most reliable protection of personal safety.

The reflective material can reflect the distant direct rays back to the light, regardless of the good reverse reflection optical properties in the daytime or night. Especially at night, it can play as high visibility as daytime. It has successfully solved the "see" and "be seen" the night driving problem, the use of high visibility reflective fabric made of this kind of winter clothing, whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a situation or scattering light interference, can easily be found driving at night. So all kinds of reflective materials can play a safety warning and protect the life and safety of the staff in the work clothes.

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