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Use Reflector Bars To Track Quality Details

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

Reflector bar is a common safety warning material, because it can reflect the light around the night, coupled with its colorful, dazzling, warning role, is widely used in traffic signs, clothing, shoes and hats and other fields, but the ordinary Reflector And "quality details" will be how to contact, but also how to track the "quality details" of it? Let us into the quality inspection department raw material station quality inspection site to find out.

This year, raw materials standing in the quality control risk prevention and control work, innovation and implementation of the key quality management risk point of management, focusing on the details of the extension to the quality of the key point of precision operation to consolidate the quality control risk control. For the middle of the train coal belt automatic sampling process is long, the process point of the status quo, although the sampling process to achieve full coverage of the monitoring, but the double point of coal mixing device key point, because the distance monitoring lens farther, Equipment is running well, supervise the standardization of workers to clean up the equipment have a certain impact, so in real-time monitoring, video playback sampling process, in the quality control process to track the formation of a "breakpoint." In the early stage, the raw material station has carried on the lighting to fill the light, the monitoring focal length fine adjustment and so on measures, but the rectification effect general. June 16, a "in the mixer shell paste Reflector bar," the rationalization of the proposal reported to the station unions, 15:30 pm that day, a 5 × 10cm orange Reflector strip paste to the mixer shell. Reflector mixer has been running, the sampling of different periods of time surveillance video display, orange Reflector bar in the mixer when the abnormal eye-catching, when the mixer to the discharge position when the Reflector bar "disappear", marking their clever use of Reflector To track the "quality details" of the trial declared successful.

Details determine the quality, seemingly ordinary small Reflector strip, better crack the quality control process details tracking problems, in the absence of additional monitoring lens also played a rotating device safety warning effect. The next step, the raw material station will be in other key processes to promote the implementation of the method, and constantly strengthen the key fuel quality control process supervision, accurate tracking quality inspection process, to consolidate the normalized operation, quality control to provide a solid guarantee of risk prevention.

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