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The Stop Plate After Half A Year, Sudawei Intends To 700 Million Yuan Acquisition Of Huarsheng Reflective Material Manufacturers

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2017

In May 16th, sudawei announced so far, intends to 700 million yuan acquisition of huarsheng 100% stake, due to a major reorganization of the suspension of 6 months of sudawei finally personally announced the answer.

Notice that the sudawei were intended to build gold investment, investment funds, Hua Sheng, coastal Wan Zai shuairan issued shares and the payment of cash to purchase their holdings huarsheng 100% stake, which the company by way of purchase of shares issued 60% shares to buy Hua Risheng, Hua Sheng 40% shares to pay cash.

After negotiation, the price of 100% equity trading was 694 million 180 thousand yuan.

At the same time, sudawei intends to adopt the pricing issue to raise matching funds to the post fund, Jiangxi and Jun, Soochow securities and other non-public offering of shares, a total of not more than 687 million 630 thousand yuan, after deducting the cost of intermediaries, to pay cash for the transaction price, the micro prism type reflective material industrial projects and supplement the flow of funds.

After the completion of this transaction, huarsheng sudawei became a wholly owned subsidiary of.

Sudawei said that this transaction will promote the company to improve the new material industry chain, to expand the market new segments, complete the company's business layout and market development, to adapt to the rapid development of domestic new materials industry trends. Through this merger and acquisition, the company avoids the long market cycle, the big investment, and the risk of expanding the failure.

Sudawei is an excellent enterprise micro nano optical field, huarsheng reflective material is an excellent enterprise field, both through this transaction can be integrated R & D and sales channels, to fill the gaps in segments of the domestic new materials, strengthening the position in their respective fields, the formation of a new material of the leading enterprises in the field of.


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