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The Reflective Materials Of Transportation Facilities Are Widely Used

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 14, 2017

Reflective material is a widely used in transportation, uniforms, overalls, sticker, such as protective clothing is closely related to people's life and property safety of high-tech products, the reflective material is using the principle of high refractive index glass beads regression reflection, through focusing post-processing is made of advanced technology.5.jpg

The transport facilities use reflective materials to smooth out the "see" and "seen" driving difficulties during the night.12.jpg

Reflectability: reflective materials have excellent anti-luminance performance and provide the most effective and reliable personal safety in night or sight.3.jpg

Wide Angle: wide Angle, that is, when the light from the surface of the material from the surface of the material with a great Angle, it can still get a good reflective effect.4.jpg

Durability: reflective material has good aging resistance, wear-resisting and washable, can be washed or dry-cleaned, not easy to fall off, after continuous washing, it can still maintain the original 75% more reflective effect.8.jpg

Flexibility and versatility: reflective materials are widely available for use in areas such as safety vests and suspenders, overalls, coats, rain gear, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes and hats.

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