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The New Police Reflective Vest Widely Used

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

In today's increasingly popular awareness of safety protection and reflective vest, we want more than a reflective vest, but to a high-quality, high effect, cost-effective high-quality reflective vest. Let reflective vest is no longer a form of a burden, but a real life-saving treasure.

Reflective vest body made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, reflective material is reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective cloth; the main types of polyester reflective vest, polyester fluorescent reflective vest, polyester highlight reflective vest, polyester pvc lattice reflective vest, polyester Knit reflective vest, Polyester woven vest, Polyester fluorescent mesh crystal vest, Polyester fluorescent mesh highlight vest, Polyester fluorescent mesh highlight police vest, Polyester fluorescent bird eyewear.

The new police reflective vest is designed specifically for road traffic law enforcement officers designed security equipment. Reflective use of the reflective high-performance, causing pedestrian vehicles attention, so as to protect the personal safety of law enforcement officers purpose.

The new police reflective vest with mesh cloth or polyester woven cloth, which wears light, washable, reflective effect is good, feel comfortable, and the chest design has a large capacity bag and walkie-talkie 袢 extremely convenient for the work of the duty officer was traffic police , Road transport, traffic and other road duty officers widely used.

Technical Parameters

Material: Mesh cloth or polyester woven cloth

Luminous body: Highlight reflector

LED warning mode: long bright, strobe

Visual distance: ≥ 200 meters

Temperature adaptability: -22 ℃ ~ +55 ℃

Size: Adjustable waist section

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