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The Instruction Of PET Reflective Film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 22, 2017

one. Scope of application

It is mainly used for road traffic signs, safety marks, construction signs and advertising signs. (applicable to the 3100, 5100 series, etc.)

Two. Precautions for storage

Please store in a ventilated, dry, cool storeroom, and the packing box is not directly placed on a tray or a pad.

The stack is not more than 5 layers; the storage period should not be more than one year.

Three, cutting attention

1. before you use, please check the package label first, check the type, specification and color. If there is any discrepancy, do not open the package, then contact with our company.

2. working environment: Please store for 24 hours at a temperature of 23 + 5 degrees, and a relative temperature of 30~60%.

3. when unfolded, face up and prevent tools or hard objects from rubbing. To cut the high-strength reflective film, the operator should take the silk or cotton gloves.

4. after cutting, the surface of the film is also put up on the flat and larger than the cut reflective film on the platform. It is forbidden to use when there is a tunnel phenomenon. If not timely use, please a plastic bag, tie, to prevent moisture absorption. When stacking small area reflective films of the same size and shape, it is necessary to control the superposition of the film and not press any heavier items.

5. the length of 3 meters, a large area film, please close winding in diameter is not less than 100mm of paper tube, plastic sleeve in the vertical bracket, to prevent tunnel and Zou phenomenon. The reflective film is not used in the original paper, winding pipe, tape fixed on both ends of plastic stents, sets of plastic bags into the box after, to prevent deformation, can also be inserted in paper tube in steel tube, save the level hanging on the shelf or the special vertical sleeve plastic bracket, and a plastic bag, tie; not directly or leaning against the wall

6. different batch number of reflective film please do not use on the same sign board.

Four, sticker and maintenance matters

1. substrate selection: recommended to use clean, flat aluminum plate or not embroidered steel plate. It is not recommended to be directly attached to the surface of plastic, rubber, wood and fiberglass.

2., substrate grinding and cleaning: the aluminum and stainless steel plates are very smooth, which is not conducive to bonding. They need to be sanded with 400~500 sandpaper to ensure the bonding performance. Before bonding, the discovery must be carefully scrubbed with a defatted solvent and rinse with clean water.

3. substrate surface cleanliness test: water on the substrate surface. If the uniform water film is formed, it is judged that the cleanliness is qualified. When the uniform water film is not formed and the dispersed water droplets are distributed, it is judged that the cleanliness is not qualified.

4 drying: clean water and unqualified cleanliness.

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