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The Design Requirements Of Traffic Police Reflective Vest

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Whether it is in the people on the road to the city, or in the endless stream of highways, we are not difficult to find such two groups: traffic police and sanitation workers. Most of them are on duty in the outdoors, whether it is day or night, so when they are wearing a reflective vest, also known as traffic vest or sanitation vest. As the name suggests, reflective vest refers to the traffic control, sanitation and road and other outdoor duty departments often wear with anti-reflective function to protect the vest, its design and production standards are GB standards.

Although this is the traffic control of the crowd and the reflective vest for this thing is already commonplace, then, on the traffic police and sanitation workers who wear the reflective vest what design requirements, not how many people can tell a one or two Come, for example, you know the traffic police who wear the reflective vest reflective width should be how much? I believe that not many people can answer. In view of this, as in the highlight of the protective clothing industry, the work of the bench will be a small elaborate to solve the mystery.

Material area

According to the provisions of the national standard, reflective vests like warning clothes should be divided into three levels, each level of the material area (unit: square meters) from the base material (clothing fabrics) and reflective materials (reflective, etc.) Different division.

Style design

1, the base material should be around the trunk, sleeves and trousers;

2, the width of the band and the total area to meet the requirements;

3, vest and vest should be on the interval between the number of reflective bands, each reflective belt with the maximum tilt angle to meet the national standard requirements;

4, shoulders should have a reflective belt from front to back after the trunk part of the reflective band, and the trunk part of the following a reflection of the distance from the bottom of the clothes can not be too small or too large;

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