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Technical Requirements For Traffic Road Sign

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

The Traffic Road Sign is a graphical symbol showing the traffic laws and road information. It can make the traffic laws get the image, concrete and concise expression. It also expresses the content which is difficult to describe in the text. It is used to manage the traffic and instruct the driving direction to ensure the road Smooth and safe facilities. Applicable to roads, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of the decree, vehicles, pedestrians must comply.

Set up

1, Traffic Road Sign should be considered in a comprehensive manner, the layout is reasonable, to prevent the emergence of information or overload phenomenon. Information should be connected, important information should be repeated display.

2, Traffic Road Sign should generally be set in the direction of the road ahead or the top of the roadway; can also be set according to the specific circumstances on the left, or both sides of the set at the same time.

3, in order to ensure visibility, the same location need to set more than two signs, can be installed in a support structure (support), but should not exceed four; separate set of signs, should meet the ban, instructions and warning signs Set the space.

4, in principle, to avoid the different types of signs and set up. The lifting of the restrictions on the speed signs, the lifting of the ban on the overtaking signs, the intersection of priority Traffic Road Sign, will be the first vehicle signs, parking signs, slow down the line should be set separately; if the conditions can not be set alone, a support structure (support) on the most Should not exceed two signs. The marker plate in a support structure (support)

And set, should be in accordance with the ban, instructions, warning order, the first on the next, the first left after the right arrangement.

5, warning signs should not be more than set If you need to set up more than two warning signs at the same location, you only need one of the most needed. (Warning sign: warning vehicle, pedestrian attention road ahead)

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