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Stickup Method Of Card Reflective Film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2017

1, clean the body before the sticker;

2, before the sticker, the cleaning body is sprinkled with diluted clean water.

3, the reflective film is taken down from the bottom paper and the diluted detergent water should be sprayed on the sticky layer.

4, the reflective film is attached to the body, the film can move back and forth, move the sticker to the appropriate position, and then carry out the following operation.

5, use the used telephone card to scrape out the water in the paper and blow dry with a hot air blower.

6, wait until the paper can firmly attached to the body, let the car shade dry, only to all car stickers pasted on the body and then wash the car firmly;

7, the car must be careful not to scratch stickers with a hard object, and consequent washing, do not use water cannons at car reverse.

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