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Small Reflective Strips, Warm Traffic Police Heart

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

"After going out, this little Reflective Strips, but your 'patron saint' Oh!" My City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department directly under the three brigade Jinqing squadron squadron leader Yang Dongdong side of a traffic safety Reflective Strips paste in a tricycle , While smiling said.

In order to improve people's awareness of self-protection and promote the harmonious development of social and civilized traffic, Jinqing traffic squadron for tricycles, electric cars, bicycles and other scooters models generally small, in the course of travel, especially at night, difficult to be accompanied by other motor vehicles Found that there is a certain security risk. June 6 afternoon, specializes in organizing the police together with the young volunteers took to the streets and the streets of the village, for the area of the masses of the vehicle free of charge posted love Reflective Strips.

The squadron Yang Dongdong squadron said

Traffic safety publicity not only to let everyone hear, but also let everyone see, the Reflective Strips fabric made of Reflective Strips material, with a night warning role, paste in the tricycle, electric car behind the body, in the morning, evening and evening light conditions Bad circumstances, as long as the light hit the reflective bar, it will reflect, so you can effectively remind the driver to slow down the slow, pay attention to avoid.

Activities, the traffic police and volunteers went to the hospital and other places relatively concentrated traffic, to the rickshaw owners to promote the benefits of Reflective Strips bars, and to help them paste the Reflective Strips, but also for the disabled wheelchair also posted a Reflective Strips.

This one will get the local villagers unanimous praise, have set a thumbs up, praised the traffic police department thought really thoughtful, this behavior really warm heart! But also through this posting reflex action, so that the people to further understand the importance of safe driving at night to improve the awareness of self-protection.

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