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Reflective Vest - Protect Your Safe Angel At Night

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Wear or do not wear reflective vest, the difference in the end how much? Zhangzhou two days of traffic police who made a small experiment. The experiment proves that the reflective vest is our safe angel at night. Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police on the 9th, in the three traffic police post free of charge with a reflective vest. High-speed police reminder, in the highway, especially in the night and rain and fog, if there is no reflective function of life-saving items, very dangerous.

Now let us take a look at Zhangzhou traffic police to do this let us startling experiment it! Traffic police uncle chose to do a experiment on a dark highway, the vehicle standing in front of two people, one wearing a reflective vest, the other is not only through the vehicle headlamps, respectively, observation staff at 50 meters, One hundred meters, one hundred and fifty meters, two hundred meters away from the visual degree. Fifty meters, the two can be clearly seen, but wearing a reflective vest look particularly eye-catching, and no people wearing anti-reflective clothing can only see a rough outline.

The next one hundred meters, one hundred and fifty meters, two hundred meters, did not wear a reflective vest in the observer's vision seems to have been completely absent; and wearing a reflective vest, despite the general Contour is no longer visible, but the reflective vest has been more eye-catching. Highway police said the highway, the vehicle's speed can be open to a hundred kilometers or even higher, the driver found dangerous and take measures such as braking the safety distance to more than 100 meters. Leverage of the vehicle have good or bad braking and operating performance does not speak, the driver from the danger to find a response to the body itself needs 0.4-0.6 seconds time, and this time, the vehicle has been pushed to you more than ten twenty meters The This shows that Reflective Vest at high speed is really our protection of God!

Not only the public should pay attention to traffic safety, traffic police themselves need to pay attention to safety. Traffic police reflex equipment is to be sufficient!

To further strengthen the public security organs and police within their own security work to strengthen the police law enforcement in the process of security work. In strict accordance with the provisions of the match with full reflective vest, reflective cone, reflective signs and other security equipment and equipment. Where not in accordance with the provisions of the equipment or is not complete, according to the requirements of the supplement and perfect; where the damage, scrapped, unified and timely maintenance, update, to ensure that all kinds of protective equipment complete and effective. On the other hand, the squadron to strengthen supervision and inspection, the implementation of pre-job reminder system, requiring police posts and out of the police, to wear reflective clothing and police vehicles equipped with reflective cone, warning signs, and in accordance with the provisions of the necessary police equipment and personal defense equipment.

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