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Reflective Tape The Principle Of Reflection

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

Reflective Tape Application: dark and night in the encounter light and light can reflect and fluorescent a tape, from the warning and reminders, mainly for roads, cars, ships, waterways, stage, a variety of channels and related machinery and equipment The use of more use in the factory more.

Reflective Tape can be divided into: yellow and black twill reflective tape, red and white twill reflective tape, yellow and black positive pattern reflective tape, red and white positive pattern reflective tape, reflective body stickers and so on.


Reflective Tape in the reflective part of the use of high refractive index glass beads back to the principle of reflection, through the post-processing of advanced processing technology made. It can reflect the distant light back to the light, both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. Reflective Tape made from this high-visibility reflective material can be easily detected by night drivers, whether in a remote location or in the presence of light or scattered light. The appearance of reflective material successfully solved the "see" and "seen" this night driving problem.

Glass beads reflect the principle shown in Figure

The above goods, mainly through the glass beads to achieve its function, the plastic is only carrier. It should be classified as glass beads into the item 7018.

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