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Reflective Strips Enhance Traffic Safety Awareness

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

With the rapid development of social economy, the development of the surrounding agriculture and animal husbandry has maintained a strong momentum, the rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, agricultural facilities commonly used to form a complex traffic environment, farmers and herdsmen is the main means of transport Motorcycles, electric cars, agricultural vehicles,

      As the majority of farmers and herdsmen driving a poor sense of law enforcement, security awareness is weak, resulting in frequent road traffic accidents, in order to effectively prevent tricycle, motorcycle road traffic accidents, to do a good job of road traffic accident prevention work, Sri Lanka traffic police brigade for the area of road tricycles, motorcycles on the road driving characteristics, taking into account the night driving easily lead to traffic accidents,

     Since May, the brigade continued to carry out free tricycles, motorcycle paste Reflective Strips logo action to eliminate insecurity, effective prevention of tricycles, motor vehicles caused by road traffic accidents.

      Brigade police on the passage of the tricycle, motorcycle free car Reflective Strips film to improve the safety of the masses at night driving at the same time to the driver to carry out traffic safety publicity, through the accident case to explain the issue of tricycles, motorcycle promotional materials and other forms, so that The masses to recognize the tricycle, motorcycles, and low-speed truck paste Reflective Strips logo of the importance of enhancing the broad masses of people's traffic safety awareness.

    A small Reflective Strips Strips of the action, closer to the relationship between the police and the public, to enhance the distance between the police and the people, from all the people's work philosophy, is the basis for road traffic, but also won the majority of the people Praise.

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