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Reflective Shoes Made Up Of Reflective Material

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2017

Adidas and other famous European brands have begun to use the anti light materials. Recently, many famous sports brands in the world have used anti - reflective materials in the 2013 new sports series in the fall. One of the NIKE's reflectors sold more than 2699 yuan per piece. The use of reflective cloth has rapidly overtaken the field of fashion and leisure from its own security field.

This is Adidas "fluorescent" series of football boots. This section is made of reflective material of football boots off light Champions League, this innovation can capture and reflect the stadium floodlights and camera flash lights, so as to deter other defensive players. This is the first appearance of anti light technology in the world's top football game, and Adidas continues to lead the advanced football shoe technology to a higher level. The "fluorescence series" will bring the customized service function of Adidas to a new height. Adidas's fans can apply reflective materials to shoes and shoelaces through Adidas, and let the landmark three bars shine the stadium.


NIKE last winter made especially for the night reflective sports department building, the new design, unexpected such a warm response, went on sale a few days have been breaking speed, in view of this in this year NIKE will continue and under the guise of Lunao theme for the U.S. national team to create a series of sports with reflective material, outside reaction both are very hot. To undertake this E reflective material superhuman, the introduction of a selection of reflective material for the AIRFORCE1iD.

Reflective material leisure sport is becoming more and more popular, especially in the autumn of 2013 a variety of reflective series product sales are excellent, which a large part of the reason is riding family, double or even night ride or night running safety and fashion of the material of the family. If you like the baby of this series, you might as well start with the opinion so that the light is safe to go with us.


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