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Reflective Sheet Storage Precautions

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

Today, small security for you to summarize a talk about the use of reflective sheet film what the article, for your reference, the following is the details:

First, the scope of application

Mainly used for road and city roads traffic signs, safety signs, construction signs and advertising signs.

Second, the storage notes

reflective sheet Please store in a ventilated, dry, cool coffers. The box should not be directly on the ground, should be flat on the tray or pad, the stack does not exceed 5 layers; storage period should not exceed one year.

The following are the same as the "

Third, cut notes

1. Before use, please check the box label, check the model, specifications and color is consistent.

2. Operating environment: Please put the temperature of 18 ~ 28 ℃ (KE3100, KE5100 can be 8 ~ 30 ℃), relative humidity of 30 ~ 60% of the environment for more than 24 hours (foil and maintenance of the same), and to ensure that workplace And the cleaning of the tool.

3. Unfolding the membrane face up and prevent the tool or hard object from rubbing. When cutting high-strength reflective sheet, the operator is best to wear silk or cotton gloves; with a sharp blade to 10 ° ~ 30 ° angle knife cut off, so as not to cut out the flash. After cutting the membrane surface is also facing, placed on the flat, the size is greater than the cutting reflective sheet on the platform; a tunnel phenomenon is strictly prohibited. If not used in time, please put on plastic bags, tie, to prevent moisture. Stacked the same size, the same shape of the small area of the reflective sheet to control the stack of high, do not pressure any heavier items.

4. Not used finished reflective sheet, need to be tightened in the original paper tube, and tape at both ends of the width and the middle of the three fixed, and then set the plastic bag, put the plastic bracket into the original box, not direct Ground or leaning against the wall to prevent tunneling and creping.

5. High strength grade reflective sheet lettering, please use sharp and angle suitable for the tip, pressure and lettering speed appropriate. If the tip angle is too sharp, it is easy to break at the lettering corner.

6. Do not use the same batch of reflective sheet on the same logo plate.

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