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Reflective Sheet Purchase Need To Master What Skills

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

reflective sheet has become a very popular in the new era of a material, its use is very extensive, we can see is used in the traffic signs are very much, which is to provide effective security for traffic safety. reflective sheet is divided into high-strength reflective sheet, diamond-level reflective sheet, engineering grade reflective sheet. Different levels of reflective sheet products have their own advantages. So what kind of skills do you need to master in the reflex film purchase?

1, brightness, need to see the reflective sheet to reflect the brightness, that is, anti-reflective performance, from different angles of observation, check the reflective sheet reflective.

2, appearance, appearance inspection reflective sheet quality is an important measure of non-production, reflective sheet surface should not have scratches, stripes, bubbles, uneven color and other defects, the surface should be smooth, clean, no stains and debris.

3, packaging, volume of the reflective sheet should be uniform, flat and tightly wrapped in a rigid core, the edge of neat, no deformation, no defects, should not be mixed with irrelevant items, the length of each roll should not be less than 45.72m , And should be given at least 0.3m of the amount of wealth, the volume of the reflective sheet width can not be stitching, the length of the direction of splicing can not be more than three places, each section of the length of the reflective sheet can not be less than 10m, splicing should be set aside 0.5m The

Engineering grade reflective sheet is generally divided into two kinds of pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive, with the same type of ink using screen printing technology can produce all kinds of patterns; This series of reflective sheet is a durable sealed reflective sheet, the material has been Has been successfully used to make traffic signs, the purpose of small traffic flow and low-speed areas of motor vehicles, engineering-level reflective sheet still has a certain application.

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