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Reflective Fabric

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2017

 application:  Products mainly used for road traffic safety are widely used in reflective clothing, all kinds of professional wear, work clothes, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective articles, outdoor products, etc., and can also be made into various reflective products and accessories.

    classification:It can be divided into two parts: one is the traditional reflective cloth, and the other is reflective reflective spray cloth. The reflective and inkjet cloth is also a new type of reflective material that was launched in 2005. This material was characterized by micro prism retroreflective technology based on reflective intensity reached 300cd/lx/m2, reflecting strong strength; the surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, can be directly used for printing; the substrate type synthetic fiber cloth and PVC calendering film, synthetic fiber fabric base has superior tensile strength. Can be used as ordinary printing cloth as synthetic fiber. Direct drawing, direct tension installation, PVC calendaring film can be pasted directly on any bright and clean fabric after coating the dry glue, so it is convenient to use. The reflective painting fabric is composed of the reflective layer and the light box cloth base. According to the difference of its reflective structure, it can be divided into standard reflective material, wide angle reflective material and full sky star type reflective material. After spraying and drawing, reflective printing can be made into large outdoor billboards, used for outdoor environment such as highways, roads and mines. No need for lighting at night, only light and advertising content can be clearly and brightly lit, with the same effect during the day.

Reflective cloth base material: according to different base material, TC (65% chemical fiber, 35% cotton), chemical fiber (100% chemical fiber).

The brightness of reflective fabric according to different reflective brightness, bright silver reflective fabric, high reflective fabric, conforms to the European standard EN20471 and ANSI standard American Standard, brightness greater than 330cd/lux.m2; general light reflective cloth brightness at about 10cd/lux.m2. Of course, a lot of high brightness products can reach more than 400-500cd/lux.m2.

The application classification of reflective cloth: conventional reflective cloth, elastic reflective cloth, flame retardant and reflective cloth.

Reflective cloth belongs to a series of products in the field of personal safety protection, personal safety protection areas and several major series of products for the reflective film, reflective leather, reflective / reflective products (wire line, reflective ribbon, reflective mirror, wrapping bar, reflective lettering, reflective jewelry, reflective printing trademark etc.).


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