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Mitigating The Traffic Road Sign On Traffic Congestion

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

1, Traffic Road Sign warning language is generally yellow to do the background color, and inlaid with black or black picture, the collision is generally equilateral triangle, and the top angle up.

2, if the traffic sign slogan refers to some of the ban signs, manufacturing requirements is white, red circle, red bars, black picture, during which some exempt from overtaking to overtake, exempt from restrictions on the speed of the logo for the white, black circle, black Bar, black picture, picture bar. The signs are rounded so that the sign of the road is set to an equilateral triangle with a vertex angle down.

3, on the Traffic Road Sign in some of the signs of color for the blue, white picture. The shapes are round, rectangular and square.

4, on the Traffic Road Sign in the signs of the color of the signs in addition to milestones, 100 meters pile, highway sector card, the general road for the blue, white picture. Shape in addition to address recognition signs, are rectangular and square.

Traffic Road Sign brand of the manufacturer's logo is made of special characteristics of aluminum alloy, marking the surface after anti-corrosion treatment, identification card installed in the door frame, the construction convenient, easy to disassemble, to facilitate power plants, room and other handling equipment.

The height of the Traffic Road Sign is 50cm, the width can be made according to customer requirements, can be widely used in power plants, substation signs, grain depot signs, gas station identification card, chemical plant identification card and other units, To a very good protective effect.

New aluminum alloy material identification card instead of the old logo plate, practical, strong, durable, long use of a long time. By the identification board board and card slot enough, the appearance of visible parts for the aluminum custom, and paste the yellow and black reflective warning stickers.

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