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LED Reflective Vest Help Law Enforcement Security

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

In recent years, in the national public security organs reform and innovation contest, a project invented competing rush. In this year, Qingtian County traffic police brigade senior engineer Cheng Yanxing invented a multi-functional LED reflective vest, and will represent the Qingtian County Public Security Bureau to participate in this year's national public security organs reform and innovation competition.

It is understood that Cheng Yanxing invented the multi-functional reflective vest using LED electronic light-emitting diode lamp beads from the overall assembly, with high brightness, energy saving, waterproof and other prominent advantages. Clothes on the front and back of the two pairs of different, according to the needs of different operations to design a variety of content to remind the flash mode, while both lighting functions. At present, multi-functional LED reflective vest has been in the county traffic police to promote the use of the team.

"Invented this vest in February this year to see Xinhua News released a news, a police and colleagues to deal with traffic accidents, was a car from the car down the road bridge, the hospital died after the rescue. Cheng Yanxing said, as a comrade on the front of the traffic police, see this news was very sad. At that moment, he wanted to design a national traffic police with an LED reflective film vest, to ensure that his comrades personal safety.

Cheng Yanxing introduction, the traffic police in the command, law enforcement police process, in order to ensure personal safety, duty officers will wear a dress in front of a vest, when the car light to the above to reflect the light. But because of the haze, rain, fog and other bad weather increased at night when the light source is insufficient, the reflective band is passive reflection light, the reflection angle is too small, the reflected light effect is poor, coupled with the human eye and fixed light source is not sensitive And so on, the original reflective vest has been unable to meet the needs of modern urban traffic management security warning.

"The existing LED flash technology is mature, as long as the LED used in the reflective vest, will be able to play an unexpected effect." Cheng Yanxing said. In fact, in addition to the invention of multi-functional LED reflective vest, he has invented the mobile parking brake platform combination, electronic screen method headlamp detector and other seven inventions, and patented, Qingtian County traffic police brigade is well known "inventor".

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