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How Does The Traffic Road Sign In The Rainy Season?

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

For Traffic Road Sign, we are no strangers, this indicator of strong signs in our lives played an important role. If you look carefully at the Traffic Road Sign, you will find that our common traffic signs are of many shapes and that different shapes of Traffic Road Sign have different meanings.

There are many shapes of Traffic Road Sign, including: round, positive and other sides of the triangle, inverted side of the triangle, fork, octagonal, square, etc., each shape of the Traffic Road Sign have different meanings. Circular Traffic Road Sign for the prohibition and warning signs; positive equilateral triangle for warning signs; inverted side of the triangle for the "slow down to allow" signs; fork traffic signs are mainly used for "rail crossing crossing fork And the octagonal traffic sign is used for the "parking for shape" prohibition mark; the last square traffic sign is used for guiding signs, part of the warning, prohibition and signs, tourist area signs, auxiliary signs, Notice signs and so on.

Different Traffic Road Sign have different meanings and understand that it is easier for you to understand the meaning of traffic signs.

Traffic Road Sign are easily tide in the rainy season and are corroded. Many people are concerned about the preservation of traffic signs in the rainy season. Even if the quality of Traffic Road Sign are protected, the precautions for transporting traffic signs in the rainy season.

Traffic Road Sign are so easy to age after dampness, and the end result is the work of shelving. Therefore, traffic facilities signs should be placed in a ventilated place, and to avoid the damp environment, if you do not use long-term attention should also pay attention to the transport facilities signs clean, to ensure that when used again will not be a problem.

Do not place debris on Traffic Road Sign, as excessive pressure may cause signs of traffic signs, which can lead to breakage. And then consider the price of Traffic Road Sign to integrate all aspects, but the most important thing is the reasonable preservation of the rainy season

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