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Do You Really Understand The Car Viny Film?

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

Car Viny Film purchase

Look at clarity

High-quality Car Viny Film at night should be able to clearly see items other than 6 meters, while poor quality poor visual clarity.

Feel like

High-quality Car Viny Film thickness of about 2mil, feels a thick sense of smooth, and poor quality film thin and crisp, and easy to wrinkle.

Look at the color

High-quality automotive film pigment durable, easy to discoloration, in the paste process by the scraper scraping will not bleach, and poor quality of the film sometimes off their own. You can use alcohol or gasoline to wipe the surface of the membrane, easy to fade is poor quality membrane.

Smell the smell

Poor quality Car Viny Film adhesive layer of residual solvent, benzene content is high, there will be odor, and high-quality film in the factory has been a professional treatment, smell less. Experts remind that a long time in this odor environment, will affect the owner's health.

Check the bubble

When the plastic film is torn off the car, and then re-compound, the poor film will blister, and high-quality film composite as well as the beginning.

Look at heat insulation

You can use a test method for comparison: in a iodine tungsten lamp put a piece of glass close to the Car Viny Film, touch the glass by hand feel the heat is the quality of the film, and immediately have a hot feel that the insulation performance There is a problem that is inferior film.

Save the information

(Including 4S shop gift) to let the business will foil the product specifications model, batch number and other related parameters clearly written on the invoice or warranty card, and asked for the film samples (150mm × 80mm), and properly save the sample and other information , In the shelf life can be effective rights.


1. 3 days after the film does not lift the window, a week can not clean the car membrane and open the defogging line switch, after the film if the bubble must be 24 hours to the construction shop for processing; do not let the air conditioning wind blowing the membrane, so as not to Severe thermal expansion and contraction.

2. High-quality Car Viny Film with a single protection function, that is, external anti-percussion, the internal can be easily broken. After the owner of the film in the event of an emergency, the blunt can be used to knock the four sides of the window angle, so that the window glass will be off the whole block, so that the owner in an emergency escape.

3. Car Viny Film in the use of a period of time should be replaced in a timely manner, according to different grades of products, about 5-8 years interval.

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