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Car Viny Film Maintenance Precautions

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Owners of friends will regularly give their own car to do maintenance, but also do not forget our Car Viny Film Oh, Car Viny Film maintenance is also very important. Must pay attention to routine maintenance, if properly maintained, it will help extend the life of the car membrane to improve its use effect.

In order to ensure that the film after the Car Viny Film and glass completely sticky, within a week can not clean the car membrane and open the defogging line switch. Try not to let the sun directly exposed to the glass, which will cause the consequences of blistering, air conditioning should be open to the inside and outside the air circulation, relying on the car membrane itself to form a natural curing curing, to ensure that the Car Viny Film after the installation of plastic and glass , In order to form a safe and explosive effect.

After the film, in the Car Viny Film and glass will inevitably leave a little between the water, may cause small bubbles or slightly wave marks, resulting in blurred vision, which is normal. By the sun, after 4 to 10 weeks will naturally disappear. If after a period of time there is still a clear phenomenon, careful not to deal with, should find a professional technician to deal with.

In the cleaning of glass, disable the acidity of the high dissolved cleaning, but also try not to let the oil oil oil oil stained on the Car Viny Film, cleaning methods can be used with water or non-acid and alkali high cleaning fluid, the market most of the Glass cleaning agent can be used to clean the Car Viny Film, more suitable for the Car Viny Film cleaning fluid is water and household clean to 10 to 1 ratio diluted.

In order to avoid scratching the Car Viny Film, do not use brush, sandpaper and other hard particles of cleaning products, the use of soft cloth or sponge cleaning the car membrane surface is correct. Cleaning the body of the fabric, but also do not take to wipe the Car Viny Film, because the use of cloth outside the body easily with sand, is also one of the factors caused by Car Viny Film scratches.

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