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Buy Car Viny Film Technology Big Secret

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

The following content for a senior Car Viny Film technician summed up the experience, Xiaobian specially sorted out, hoping to give the majority of Car Viny Film users to help.

With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, most people like to customize a lot of things, so people on the product requirements are also rising, especially for automotive products. Today, I reveal the skills for everyone under the secret film:

Secret one, to take a look. Because the good car film clarity and transparency will be very good, even if the color is particularly deep car film, just pick up to see the distant scenery and things --------- especially at night, if there is no feeling Dim or deformation and other conditions, that is good film. In order to better test the effect of the film, we first take the Car Viny Film look at the distance, and then take away the car film look at the distance to see if there is a difference. Generally good film unidirectional translucency is better, so that you can ensure privacy while ensuring a broad vision.

Reveal the second, to feel the temperature of the car under the film. To the Car Viny Film is to reduce the temperature inside the car, so the Car Viny Film insulation is more concerned about the people we drive. Car Viny Film insulation effect is good, sitting inside the car is more comfortable, but also reduce the fuel consumption of air conditioning. So, when judging the temperature of the car film, we can put the car film on the skin under the sun drying sun, if exposed to the car after the film covered by the skin than the skin exposed to the outside much better temperature, and insulation film The temperature is not very high, it is proved that the heat insulation film is very good.

Secret three, to determine the toughness of the car under the film is good, so we have to pick up the appropriate pull pull the film, so to determine the toughness of the car film. Automotive film toughness is high, then the stronger the explosion-proof performance, even in the window glass is broken can also be firmly attached to it, this can effectively prevent the glass fragments hurt themselves and their families.

Secret 4, a good Car Viny Film feels more smooth and good wear resistance, if the quality of the film is not very rough feel, wear resistance is not high If you often wear a lot of wear marks, so the quality of the Car Viny Film Bad carefully repeated touch can be identified.

Secret five, we can take a Car Viny Film try to look directly at the sun, if you can look directly at the sun for a few seconds, then the Car Viny Film on the UV blocking rate is relatively high. With a high adhesion to the UV film can effectively prevent the sun sunburn.


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