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Brief Introduction To Material Processing Of Traffic Road Sign

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

The Traffic Road Sign is a graphical symbol showing the traffic laws and road information. It can make the traffic laws get the image, concrete and concise expression. It also expresses the content which is difficult to describe in the text. It is used to manage the traffic and instruct the driving direction to ensure the road Smooth and safe facilities. Applicable to roads, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of the decree, vehicles, pedestrians must comply.

Traffic Road Sign generally by the signs of the floor, signs, columns, fasteners, foundation and other components.

Signage Material Processing Description:

1, the material used high-quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high-strength grade reflective film, the night has a very good reflective effect.

2, according to the national standard size, the aluminum and reflective film cut (square, round).

3, washed aluminum, polished aluminum with white cloth to make aluminum surface rough, clean with water after drying.

4, with a hydraulic press will be attached to the reflective film has been clean aluminum stand.

5, computer layout patterns and text, and computer engraving machine directly in the reflective film on the map and text.

6, will be carved good patterns and silk screen with a good pattern of plastic scraping paste in the bottom of the aluminum plate on the formation.

Signs are installed in the import and export and the parking lot, the appropriate location of the road, guide the vehicle to travel correctly, traffic signs set signs, signs and other signs.

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