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3M Reflective Sheeting

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 18, 2017

The film is actually the most common technology of inkjet printing company, which is mainly pasted on the surface of all kinds of products, such as acrylic, light cloth and paint products, and made into various product signs. In fact, the sticker is for the better preservation of the painting image, and the long life of the painting image is guaranteed. The process of film placement is very demanding for the working environment. There is no litter, no garbage, no dust and dust in the workshop. The equipment is clean, the work platform is clean, the operator is clean and the air humidity and temperature are suitable. The temperature and humidity of the workplace air are very closely related to the bonding of the membrane. The humidity is large, especially the moisture on the surface of the cloth and the membrane. When the dry paste is applied, it is prone to produce small bubbles, which will affect the effect of the film and inkjet picture.

The lamp cloth coating is generally suitable for dry stick, and the dry sticker is divided into two kinds: hand sticker and machine film. The speed of hand sticker is slower than that of the machine film. It is suitable for the products with many color levels, complex and high technical requirements. The specific operation process is to first select the correct specification of the light cloth to be used, and the domestic lamp cloth is suitable for water paste, because film sticking on the light cloth is easy to leave glue and affect the work schedule and product quality. Then the lights under the cloth material, draw bit line, after scraping membrane localization is membrane peeling, screen, seam, self-test, buttonhole and self-test, scraping screen, spray, paste protective film, clean screen and so on.

3M reflective film technology is a very important part in 3M inkjet inkjet, indispensable. The products that pass through the film will also have more quality and more durable.


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