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100%polyester High Light Reflective Fabric For Uniform /clothes

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Reflective fabric is a very common reflective material in daily life. It not only has excellent reflective ability, but also has wide angle. That is, when the light comes from the surface of the reflective cloth, it will still achieve excellent reflection. It has excellent aging resistance, abrasion resistance and washability, and some company work service is also made to choose this kind of cloth. It can be washed or dry cleaned, and it is not easy to fall off. After continuing to wash the brush, the anti light effect of more than 75% can still be maintained.

The scope of reflective fabric can be used widely, reflective vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, umbrellas, raincoats, sportswear, bags, gloves, hats and other categories, or shear character or trademark printing and picture. In addition, the reflective film series can also be directly attached to the appearance of leather or cloth.

Reflective fabric is widely used in traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, film, protective clothing and people's life and property safety related high-tech goods, can direct light in the distance reflected light, no matter in the daytime or at night have outstanding retro reflective optical function. The winter clothing made of this kind of high visibility reflective fabric can be easily detected by the night driver regardless of whether the wearer is far away or still disturbed by light or scattering light.

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