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widely use of reflective fabric

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Reflective cloth is a high-tech product widely applied to traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, film and protective clothing, which is closely related to human life and property safety. This kind of reflective material is made by using the principle of high refractive index glass bead regression and reflection, and by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect the distant direct rays back to the light, regardless of the good reverse reflection optical properties in the daytime or night. Especially at night, it can play as high visibility as daytime. The safety clothing made of this kind of high visibility reflective cloth can be easily found by night drivers when the wearer is in the far distance or under the condition of light or scattering light interference. The appearance of the reflective material successfully solved the nighttime driving problem of visual.

Durability: light fabric has good wear resistance, aging resistance and washability. It can be dry cleaned or washed, not easy to fall off, after continuous washing, still can maintain the original 75% above the reflective effect.

Diversity: reflective fabric with applications and characteristics of various other products, equipped with thermal reflective film, reflective fabric, reflective film characters, reflective ink, reflective plastic film, reflective film drawing and other products, has convenient for users to choose a variety of.

Wide angle: reflective fabric is not only better than other brands in the reflective effect, but also has wide angle, that is, when the light is at a great angle from the reflective fabric surface, it can still get good reflection effect.

Reflective: reflective brightness reflective fabric is excellent, such as the reflection intensity of typical reflecting strength of typical values for silver products and white fluorescent yellow 500CPL reflective plastic film plant is 700CPL, in poor visibility or in poor light environment to provide the most effective, the most reliable protection of personal safety.

Extensiveness and flexibility: reflective fabrics are widely applied, and can be used in the field of safety straps and vests, sportswear, jackets, work clothes, raincoats, knapsack, shoes and hats, gloves, etc., and also can cut characters or silk screen trademarks and designs. In addition, the reflective film series can also be directly attached to the surface of leather or cloth.


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