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Traffic reflective signs

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Reflective signs Material:

Mainly used in the production of a variety of reflective signs signs, vehicle number plate, security facilities, in the daytime with its bright colors play a significant warning role in the night or low light conditions, the bright reflective effect can be effective Improve people's ability to identify, to see the target, cause alarm, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties and reduce economic losses, an indispensable road safety guards, has obvious social benefits. At any time with the development of the national economy, the rapid development of road traffic, the rapid increase in China's highway mileage, highway traffic engineering high-speed, information technology.

Traffic reflective signs´╝Ü

Has become the direction of development, with the construction and development of urbanization in China, the city's environmental and landscaping elements, all-round, more and more interchange of urban roads at the same time, a growing variety of vehicles, Traffic safety has been referred to a very important position, to strengthen traffic management, to ensure traffic safety, to ensure the development of the national economy, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, has become the consensus of all people. , While the increase in traffic signs, road safety facilities, vehicle identification, signs set is a very important part of traffic safety management. A foreign figure shows that the probability of traffic and road signs associated with accidents is 70%. Clear and complete traffic and road signs give good conditional reflections to drivers and pedestrians, which can effectively reduce accidents and improve driving efficiency.

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