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The use of warning tape

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 10, 2017

Paste on the ground, the wall and the machine from the ban, warning, reminder and stressed the role.

When marking tape is used for area division, it is called scribing tape; when used as warning, it is called warning tape. But in fact both are the same thing. When used as a regional division, there is no relevant standard or convention, to specify what kind of region needs to be divided by what color, green, yellow, blue, white are generally used. When used as a warning, according to GB 2893-2001 "<Safety color>" and the Ministry of Health issued in 2003, "the workplace occupational hazard warning signs", monochrome red, yellow, green and two-color red and white, green and white Yellow and black can be used as a warning line. Here, we propose to draw the tape and warning tape to be a distinction. White, yellow and green as a crossed; red, red and white, green and yellow and black as a warning.

Red and white means that people are prohibited from entering a dangerous environment; yellow and black and white stripes suggest that people pay special attention to the meaning of; green and white and white stripe that is more eye-catching ( Prompt people.

Used to identify the warning area, segmentation hazard warning, labeling classification.

There are black, yellow or red, white lines to choose from a variety of styles. Surface wear resistance, can withstand high flow foot.

Good viscosity, a certain anti-corrosion, acid and alkali performance, anti-wear.

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