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the type of reflective sign

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 15, 2018

The traditional engineering grade reflective film, Beijiao engineering grade reflective film, generally divided into pressure sensitive and thermosensitive type two kinds, can complete paste. The use of the same kind of ink screen printing technology, can also print a variety of patterns on it. The engineering grade reflective film is suitable for aluminum plate, and the operation temperature is generally above 18 degrees Celsius.

2, high grade reflective film, high-strength reflecting film is used in reflective glass bead technology, because of its structure in the product innovation, has the reflective brightness and angle than the engineering grade reflective film There is nothing comparable to this performance, but at the same time, but also because of its high strength grade structure leads to some defects are difficult to overcome, such as brittle products easy tearing, wrinkling, bubbles, surface cellular processes

The energy consumption is high and the discharge is large.


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