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the photoluminescent film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2018

1, identification location: the surface pasted at the following locations, such as electrical switches, remote control panels, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, flashlights, doorknobs, handrails, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, lifesaving appliances, etc., can indicate their location and facilitate their use.

2, safety signs: sticking to the following locations can play a safety role, such as emergency evacuation channels, subway stations, underground passages, civil air defense works, Cara OK hall, dance hall, movie theater, supermarket stores, hospitals, railway stations, airports, wharfs, etc.

Attention when using:

1. It should be constructed on a flat surface, and the construction temperature should be 10~40 C.

2, the luminescent film can be cut into various shapes and directly attached to a place (such as telephone, switch, etc.) to play the role of decoration and indication.

3, light film surface screen printing patterns, characters and other methods to form the bottom linings light.

4, when attached to the surface of the object, the surface of the object should be cleaned first, and the surface can not have oil pollution, dust and so on.

5. The luminescent film has a certain heat expansion and shrinkage. The luminescent film after slicing can not be placed at will. It should be placed or pressed by heavy objects to prevent deformation and winding.

6, when used, the back of the light film is removed from the back of the shape paper, and the light film is put on the surface of the treated object with certain pressure.

7, the same type of luminescent film will have a certain color difference to ensure the different number of luminance.

8. There may be 1 joints in the film of the luminescent film.

9. do not use the finished luminescent film (volume) as tight as possible.

Packaging and storage:

1. Packing: rolled or flaky form, packaging with plastic film in external use.

2, the storage: should be stored in ventilated, dry and cool place, storage temperature 10~40, relative humidity is less than 70%.


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