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the knowledge Retroreflective material

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2017

Retroreflective material are widely developed and widely used in 70s and 80s twentieth Century. It is a new type of composite optical material designed successfully according to the principle of reverse reflection. It is a kind of propaganda and security sign material that does not need energy. It consists of high refractive index glass microspheres, metal materials and polymer materials.

The inverse light principle of reverse reflective material is different from light mirror, surface reflection and diffuse reflection. The reflective principle of Figure 1, when the incident light parallel to the optical axis of MN from the air into the bead P, refraction. If the refractive index of the selected glass beads is appropriate, the intersection of light and light axis is just on the intersection of the reflection layer of the light axis and the bottom of the microsphere, and the light is reflected at this point. When light reaches the surface layer, it is refracted and parallel to the optical axis, reflecting the direction of the light source, which is the opposite direction of the incident. Because the reflector is hemispherical, the reverse reflection characteristic of the incident light in a larger angle range is unchanged.

At present, Retroreflective material are mainly used as road signs. License plate of vehicle. The driver can see the signs more than 1000 meters away from the traffic lights. Its brightness is dozens of times the ordinary mark. It not only increases the safety of the driving, but also saves the lighting of the symbol. If an old sign needs lighting brightness is 60 watts, only 100 thousand in Shanghai sign would save 6 megawatts of electricity. Reverse reflective materials can also be used as safety signs and warning cards. Such as mines, airports, wharves, marine lifesaving, navigation, photography, advertising and other fields. It can replace the lighting source to save energy.


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