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The history of Reflective material development

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2016

In 1950, the United States Chinese scientist Dr. Dong Qifang directed glass beads, and then developed 

a series of reflective cloth reflective material, in 1968, the United States ROWLAND brothers invented 

and registered micro-prism retroreflective technology. Reflective film products are developed by the 

United States 3M first successful, to the present only the United States, Japan, China, South Korea 

and a few other countries can produce reflective film has long been used in developed countries, its

excellent optical properties and excellent social Economic value has been widely recognized and accepted. 

Similarly, it also caused the optical industry and traffic safety in the field of many scientific and 

technological workers of full attention. In the 1970s, Professor Yang Yonggang from the optical Division 

of the Chinese Academy of Metrology introduced the technical principles of the structure, optical 

characteristics and performance test of the retroreflective film to the domestic market. Many research 

institutes and universities have successively invested in the reflective film products of the research 

and development. For example, the Ministry of Communications Highway Science Institute, Institute of 

Optics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes are experts and special funds, set 

up a research group, carried out research project. These early experts and research staff in the reflective 

material poured a lot of effort, and achieved a certain stage results, basically worked out the reflective 

material microsphere transflective schematic diagram

The basic principle of the production process, but under the conditions, due to the basic industries 

such as chemical industry is weak, special coatings, glass beads and other raw materials can not be 

resolved, but also no stereotypes of production equipment, in certain conditions limit the reflective 

material Industrialization process. In the 1980s, Taizhou Reflective Materials Co., Ltd. began to 

develop high refractive index glass beads, and gradually resolved the development of reflective film 

is one of the most important raw materials for the localization of reflective materials in China 

laid the foundation. After the nineties domestic microporous permeability type of reflective material 

has made considerable progress, developed a commercial-grade reflective film, engineering grade 

reflective film, high-strength reflective film and other beads containing reflective material, and 

reflective cloth , Reflective leather, reflective fuse, reflective film also have launched the heat 

to the 20th century, the 1990s did not glass bead-based products in China's basic mature, in this 

industry is also formed as Hua Ri Sheng, Ming, crystal Lai, etc. have a larger scale Of the enterprises. 

However, in another type of reflective material that is the micro-prism of the reflective material 

in China is still in its infancy, to the beginning of the twenty-first century O about two years ago 

by the Fujian Jinjiang several shoe materials enterprises in the development Out of the micro-prism 

in the civilian product reflective crystal lattice, after several years of evolution although the 

quality of the product has improved, but also to stay the most primitive mode of production intermittent 

production, the world's production of such products manufacturers basic On the implementation of 

continuous production. There is a core technology is the development of the original mold, basically 

in a blank state. Although the core technology development has not made much progress, but by the 

Sony and several other manufacturers have introduced a new form of product - reflective inkjet cloth, 

reflective inkjet cloth will launch reflective material has developed a new market - advertising market.

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