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the technology of reflective material

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

Reflective material is a new kind of compound material which combines the combination of multidisciplinary technology. It is mainly divided into glass microspheres and microprism. The micro prismatic reflective material is super grade reflective film, more type and glass beads reflective material is the most widely application field of reflective products, its range advertising grade, engineering grade reflective film, plate reflective film, high-strength grade reflective film, body reflective logo, maritime reflective film about seven categories such as product. The large-scale production enterprises in the industry are mature in the production process and production technology.


(1) the raw material

The main raw materials used in reflective materials include glass beads, resin, PET film, etc., and any kind of raw material is essential for the final performance of reflective products. For glass beads that directly determine the performance of reflective products, a ball must have high refractive index, high transparency, low permeability, good roundness, good grain size consistency and fluidity.

(2) equipment

Glass beads type reflective material most of the current production of putting pen to paper by using the computer closed loop feedback and control information integration, trial-produce frequency conversion synchronous operation control, the constant tension control, temperature adjustable control areas, the air volume. The wind speed is stable, the coating accuracy is controllable, the coating drying temperature is uniform and stable, the product quality control is more stable.

(3) process

At present, the domestic in glass beads type multiphase breakthrough reflective material production process, such as coating process, bead, with glass beads as the reflective component of the production process and technology has been more mature, the partial products production technology even more concise and practical than abroad.


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