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the advantage of 3M reflective material

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2017

   Traffic signs using 3M reflective film when exposed to light, when driving at night, the reflective film processing of reflective material will absorb light and light to their emits light, causing the driver's attention, but also ensure the night driving safety in a certain extent, and to remind the driver of traffic signs in accordance with the instructions correct driving, maintain the normal traffic order.

   In some traffic police clothes will adopt 3M reflective film, because the application of reflecting on clothes is extremely useful, including some traffic in the material, we can see a lot of fluorescence properties of reflective film processing of reflective material clothes, this is mainly the use of the performance advantages of reverse light film. In the work of sanitation workers who can guarantee the service to protect their safety at work, 3M can also be used in children's wear reflective clothing, in order to ensure children's safety performance, we can also find 3M reflective film in command of the traffic police on the aspects of reflective film and reflective material one can guarantee its safety, but also attracted the attention of everyone in a certain extent.

    3M reflective film is also used in some art products or toy making industries. Reflective films can not only improve the aesthetic value of artworks, but also improve the appreciation value of artworks, making products more popular with consumers. The film has been put to use alcohol wipe the windshield glass plate 3M reflective film, reflective film cleaning agent for processing of reflective materials do not, because some chemicals may cause damage to the car, in this case the application of towel dipped in a small amount of oil cleaning agent repeatedly wiping the logo, but will never be able to oil the cleaning agent sprayed directly on the glass, reflective film processing or reflective material will damage the car. Alcohol, diesel and other preparations are not corrosive. They can protect the reflective film to process reflective materials better. But for a long time, we must have patience and wipe them gently. In addition, in the cleaning to maintain the concentration of alcohol or diesel, too strong solution will also affect the cleaning of glass.

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