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Storage, cutting and coating method of reflective film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2017

1. Storage

The reflective film should be stored in ventilation, drying, temperature at 18-24 degrees C, relative humidity in the 30-50% room. The packing box is placed on the tray or the cushion board, not directly to the ground; the number of its stacking layers is not more than 5 layers. When the reflective film is purchased, it is required to be used within one year.

2. Cutting

Unwinding or cutting environment: the reflective film should be placed at a temperature of 25 + 3 C and relative humidity for more than 24 hours in the environment of 30-50%. Be sure to clean the workplace and work tools.

The reflective film suggests that the operator wear silk or cotton gloves so as not to damage or contaminate the surface of the reflective film.

After cutting, the reflective film should be placed on a flat and smooth platform. The area of the platform is larger than the area of the cut reflective film. If not used, should be a plastic bag and tie the bag, to prevent moisture absorption. The same shape, the same size of the film must be stacked neat, control stacking height not more than 3cm, do not pressurize any weight.

The reflective film with a length larger than 3 meters and a larger area should be tightly wrapped on the paper tube (the inner diameter of the paper tube is not less than 100mm). After fixing with three adhesive tape, it will be placed vertically on the plastic bracket to avoid "tunnel" phenomenon. The open reflective film should be used as soon as possible. The unused reflective film should be tightened to the edge of the membrane and rolled onto the original paper tube, and the tape should be fixed for more than three. A plastic support is installed at both ends of the paper tube, and then the plastic bag is put back into the original carton. Can also wear iron bar in the central level reflective film paper tube, placed in a dedicated shelf or in vertical plastic bracket. It is forbidden to throw the unused reflective film directly on the ground or leaning against the wall.

3, the method of film sticker

Substrate selection: recommended in the correct treatment of the clean, flat aluminum plate or stainless steel plate. It is not recommended to be directly attached to the surface of other substrates such as plastic, rubber, wood and other materials. If you need to be attached to the base material of a non - aluminum or stainless steel plate, ask the user to determine the adaptability of the film.

Base material treatment: the aluminum plate and stainless steel plate have been made out of the factory. The surface is very smooth and is not conducive to stickup. It is necessary to use No. 400-500 sandpaper for grinding in the direction of circular arc. Before sticking, it must be scrubbed with a degreasing solvent and rinse with clean water and be treated by drying.


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