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Reflective printing cloth instructions

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2016

1. Applicable to inkjet machine (commonly known as a large spray machine), outdoor pictorial direct inkjet.

2. For solvent-based inks Solvent PVC Ink (commonly known as oily ink).

3. Do not use the indoor pictorial machine and water-based inkjet printing.

4. The use of ordinary solvent-based inkjet printing can be achieved reflective effect, such as the use of fine processing of ink can enhance the reflective effect.

5. Depending on the thickness of the crystal lattice grid, please adjust the nozzle height, so as not to touch the spray head.

6. In the use of equipped with heating and drying device of the inkjet printer, please adjust the heating temperature and the amount of ink jet, so as to avoid abnormal phenomena such as bubbles. (Bubble phenomenon does not affect the reflective and picture effects).

7. After printing, please dry and then make a little drying time depending on the amount of coloring, inkjet accuracy, environmental humidity may be. The greater the amount of coloring, the higher the accuracy of inkjet, the greater the humidity the longer the time required to dry.

8. Please make sure that the surface of crystal lattice is clean and free from debris before printing.

9. Do not touch the ink directly after printing, so as not to leave footprints.

10. Please pay attention to the process of the printing process may take place, deviation, please use manual monitoring and adjustment.

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