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Reflective printing cloth

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2016

Reflective inkjet cloth that Buji crystal color lattice, belonging to the crystal color grid 

series of micro-prism structure cloth base class reflective material.

Crystal color lattice is a new type of inkjet reflective advertising material, this material is 

characterized by:

First, the super-reflective intensity: Based on micro-prism retroreflective technology, reflective 

intensity of 300cd / lx / m2.

Second, can be directly inkjet: The surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, and 

can be directly inkjet.

Third, easy to use: the substrate type fiber synthetic cloth and PVC calendaring film, fiber 

synthetic cloth grass-roots have superior tensile strength, can be used as ordinary fiber synthetic

printing cloth. Direct inkjet, direct taut installation; PVC calendaring film in the coating stickers 

can be directly on any smooth fabric for paste use.

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