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Reflective materials used in the field of traffic signs and civilian areas

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2016

China's reflective material in the logo industry began in the early 80s, then with the development of China's reflective material industry gradually expanded, the use of a wide range of public security traffic, traffic supervision, fire, railway, coal and other departments to ensure personal safety of labor Protective products and civilian products and other fields began to be widely used. After 90 years, the domestic civil reflective materials market began to enter the right track, the product application field is more and more widely, the more professional the more detailed, the relevant departments of different uses of reflective materials were developed international standards or industry standards, such as: Professional standards EN-47l (high visibility warning clothes), "road traffic signs reflective film" and so on. Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries will reflect the standard use of the material as an important basis for insurance compensation and use of regulations or encourage the use of reflective materials, such as rain, fog, snow, night vision discrimination poor Environment, the elderly, children, must wear or wear a reflective material signs or clothing. Reflective material is mainly civilian reflective cloth, reflective lattice film, reflective inkjet cloth and so on. Reflective material for industrial use mainly refers to five levels of various reflective film, diamond grade reflective film, high strength grade reflective film, engineering grade reflective film, advertising grade reflective film and license plate grade reflective film. Mainly used in the production of a variety of reflective signs signs, vehicle number plate, security facilities, in the daytime with its bright colors play a significant warning role in the night or low light conditions, the bright reflective effect can be effective Improve people's ability to identify, to see the target, cause alarm, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties and reduce economic losses, an indispensable road safety guards, has obvious social benefits. With the rapid development of the national economy and the rapid development of the traffic road, the rapid increase of highway mileage, the high-speed and informationization of highway traffic engineering have become the development direction. Along with the construction and development of urbanization, the environment and beautification of the city Traffic, and traffic safety are all important factors in the development of traffic management and traffic safety.Therefore, traffic management and traffic safety are becoming more and more important. Traffic safety, to ensure traffic safety, to ensure the development of the national economy to ensure the safety of people's lives and property has become everyone's consensus, and increase the traffic signs, road traffic safety facilities, vehicle identification, signs set is traffic safety Management is a very important part.

In 2005 by our own research and development launched a new type of reflective material - reflective inkjet cloth. Reflective inkjet cloth to open up a reflective material in the advertising market applications. This new material is characterized by: First, the super-reflective intensity: His reflection technology is based on the world's most advanced micro-lattice retroreflective technology reflective material, a super reflective intensity, the typical reflective intensity Can reach 300cd / lx / m2. Second, can be directly inkjet: the surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, and can be directly inkjet. Third, easy to use: the substrate type folder folder and PVC self-adhesive type, clip mesh grass-roots have superior tensile strength, can be used as a normal clip mesh, direct inkjet, direct taut installation; PVC stickers can be directly applied to any smooth fabric paste.

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