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Reflective material characteristics

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 23, 2016

First, compared with ordinary light boxes sprayed cloth, advertising 24 hours visibility. 

With a unique reflective performance in the night without built-in light source or external light situation, by reflecting the light passing through the vehicle itself can be achieved and built-in light source or external light source the same visible effect. The use of ordinary inkjet cloth ads, only the day before the visible advertising, visibility at night is very low, simply can not play the role of advertising. The reflective inkjet cloth during the day and ordinary inkjet cloth, but the night can be reflected by passing the vehicle lights to achieve high-intensity, long-range visible effect, so that advertising in the day and night with the same advertising effectiveness. As a result of the above advantages, so Reflective printing cloth is a common alternative to light boxes sprayed cloth.

Second, and installed light boxes and external lights and other auxiliary light source ads compared: with environmental protection, ease of maintenance, lower use of the cost. 

Reflective inkjet material because of the visibility is sent by the passing light of the vehicle back to the light source where the launch, and the same source of light emission vehicles and pedestrians can clearly see the ad. He does not need other auxiliary light so he can achieve the visible effect at the same time does not consume energy, so he is more environmentally friendly than the lamp ad. Because he and no other auxiliary lighting, so there is no need to maintain the electrical and other aspects of the situation, as long as he general maintenance as ordinary inkjet materials can be. So he is more convenient than the auxiliary light advertising material maintenance. The auxiliary light source requires light source facilities and daily power consumption, and the cost of maintenance is much greater than the cost of using reflective inkjet cloth ads. Moreover, the general cost of advertising accounted for a large proportion of the proportion of advertising space rental costs, the cost of advertising materials in general also accounted for less than ten percent of advertising rental costs. Because some ads may consider the energy consumption and the use of cost, so the auxiliary light source is generally only open to 11:00, 11:00 after no advertising effectiveness, the use of reflective inkjet materials can not consider these factors, as long as there is a car Of the place can clearly see the use of reflective inkjet advertising. 

Third, compared with ordinary reflective material: with inkjet and tensile strength and stronger reflective intensity.

The traditional reflective advertising material is generally PET adhesive advertising reflective film, PET material characteristics of this decision he can not be inkjet, general PET advertising-level reflective film used only for lettering, which greatly limits the reflective material in advertising usage of. Reflective inkjet material appears to immediately solve this problem, reflective inkjet material surface layer is inkjet high face reflective material, ink absorption strong, as long as the general solvent ink can be inkjet. General advertising-class reflective material does not have the required tensile properties of advertising, only with other support such as PC version, through the paste on the support above the use. Reflective printing cloth is the bottom of the PVC folder mesh, he has a PVC folder has some tensile strength, he can use the same as ordinary folder mesh. The typical retroreflective coefficient of typical white reflective film is 50cd / lx / m2, while the typical retroreflective coefficient of reflective inkjet cloth is above 200 cd / lx / m2. In this case.

4, Reflective inkjet material with reflective material has a unique added to the road safety performance characteristics.

The use of reflective inkjet material advertising, he has a reflective traffic signs with the night visible function. The use of reflective inkjet material as a roadside advertising section of the passing vehicles can clearly see the outline of the road, if there are pedestrians will be because of occlusion of retroreflective light, and display the contours of people shadow, so that drivers Easier to identify pedestrians. So he can give the road a higher safety performance.

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