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reflective material application

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 13, 2017

In the industry of reflective materials, the new novel has been gradually transferred to the love of this reflective material industry. Not just because of reflective material industry has brought himself to a career, more important is due to the nature of reflective material industry, the most direct use of reflective material is warning role, reduce, or prevent the occurrence of danger. It should be a great pleasure to be able to do your favorite job and help others.

A lot of new customers are curious, and they don't understand51.jpg what it looks like to look like a nondescript reflective material that reflects that light when it's lit. The principle of revelation is not difficult, mainly the process is more negative. Because of the glass bead is spherical, due to the light of the approximate parallel light screen, when its exposure to the spherical vertex, incident Angle is small, some light is reflected, the other part after being shot down the reflected again, then again open shot back into the air, back in front of the screen. When the light hits a spherical vertex, the incident Angle is large, and the light is reflected off the glass beads, and some of the light will be reflected off the other glass beads and then reflected back. Since the glass beads are round, the incoming light is different, so the return light is not a parallel light, which is equivalent to diffuse reflection, but more efficient than diffuse reflection. So the effect is much better than the white screen.16.jpg

Since the introduction of reflective materials, it has made great contributions to public security. With the development of national economy, the improvement of people's living standard and the enhancement of security awareness, the future of reflective materials will be more widely used in the market.


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