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Reflective cloth

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2016

Reflective cloth, also known as: reflective fabric, retro-reflective fabric. It is the application of glass beads on the fabric, the use of light in the glass beads in the refractive refraction after the return of the optical principle. Even if the reflected light returns to the direction of the light source largely in the direction of the incident light. This kind of fabric is a kind of fabric with safety function. When a person active at night or in a dark place wears or carries such retroreflective safety material, in the event of light exposure, due to its function of retroreflection, will produce eye-catching effects, improve their visibility, so that at the light source Personnel quickly found the target, effectively avoid accidents, to ensure personal safety.

Reflective cloth as a security functional products have been widely used in transportation, sanitation, public security and other special industries, outdoor workers work at night work. When they are wearing and carrying reflective material in the night work or walking, because of its retro-reflective function of the driver in the remote can be found in the target, so as to avoid accidents. For ordinary people who have varying degrees of night activities time, so in their clothing, shoes and hats, bags, rain gear, etc. with reflective cloth, can improve their own security. Reflective cloth to improve the degree of security to its reflective intensity, the higher the intensity of reflective, eye-catching effect is better, the driver found the target distance. Therefore, there are three kinds of production methods of reflective cloth: the bead method, the bead method and the transfer method, which are used to produce the reflective cloth with high reflective intensity and meet the requirements of wearing. Different methods have different processing routes and different chemical raw materials, the reflective fabric of the reflective intensity, feel, the apparent effect of varying degrees of difference. In addition to the requirements of a high reflective strength, but also to ensure that wear requirements such as washing, abrasion, water and so on.

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