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Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2015

Environmental protection

PVA film products are green eco-friendly materials. PVA measured by relevant departments of biological oxygen demand (BOD) is much smaller than the starch, United States company air products company's PVA products biodegradable Airvol after 5 days, the measured volume lower than the initial 1% of the total BOD of BOD. After biological experiments showed that PVA is nontoxic.

Degradation mechanism and PVA material with water and bio-degradation of two properties, first dissolve in water to form the glue into the soil can increase viscosity, permeability of the soil and water retention, particularly suited to sandy soil transformation. PVA in the soil material can be broken down by bacteria in the soil, which can degrade to CO2 and H2O.

Water soluble

PVA solvent is water, but the water solubility is largely under the influence of degree of polymerization, especially dominated by Alcoholysis. Alcoholysis in 88% below, almost completely dissolved in water at room temperature of 20 ° c room temperature. With the increased solubility of alcohol declined significantly Alcoholysis PVA completely dissolved in water is negligible.

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