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Luminous film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2015

Chinese name luminous film features luminous film absorb light energy materials use emergency lighting, fire safety

A in has light environment Xia absorption light and can in no light environment Xia glow of convenient posted reset of glow film, it has a soft quality light of bottom, the bottom Shang has has light performance of glow layer, glow layer Shang has a layer transparent outside film layer, bottom of back has not dry rubber layer, not dry rubber layer Shang posted with away from shaped paper, this practical new used polymer material as base material by special process processing and into of posted film, has glow brightness high, glow time long, resistance waiting sex excellent of features, products nontoxic, and no radiation, The utility used primarily for low emergency lighting, fire safety signs, and general guidance instructions and identity.

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