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Knowledge of reflective tape 3m

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2017

Reflective brightness: reflective reflective material is excellent, such as the reflection intensity of typical reflecting strength of typical values for silver products and white fluorescent yellow 500CPL reflective plastic film plant is 700CPL, in the night or bad vision environment to provide the most effective, the most reliable protection of personal safety.

Wide angle: reflective material is superior to other brand similar products not only in reflective effect, but also in wide angle, that is, when light is at a great angle from the surface of reflective material, it can still achieve good reflection effect.

Diversity: the reflective material with features and applications of various other products, with reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective thermal, word adhesive film, reflective ribbon, reflective film, reflective ink, reflective film and reflective drawing yarn, SOLAS products and other products, is convenient for users to choose a variety of.

The flexibility and wide application range: reflective materials are widely available, and safety vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, umbrellas, raincoats, sportswear, bags, gloves, shoes and other fields, but also shear character or trademark printing and pattern. In addition, the reflective film series can also be directly attached to the surface of the leather or not.

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