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Fluorescent reflective film

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2016

In the whole prism structure after the reflective film, there is no breakthrough in the structure 

again. However, the cost of reflective film, material and chemical coating, there are many development 

space. Fluorescent retroreflective film is a typical case in which the coating technology is 

improved to further optimize the function of the reflective film. Fluorescence full prism reflective 

film, is the excellent weather resistance of special fluorescent materials (generally poor weather 

resistance fluorescent materials), and after the combination of the whole prism with a special 

optical effect of the reflective film. Fluorescent reflective film has a unique weathering fluorescent 

factor that can absorb the spectrum of visible light and part of the invisible light energy, increase 

the degree of activity, so that the invisible light energy into visible light energy, so that the color 

of the reflective film And photometry in the daytime to play a more powerful, so as to increase the 

sign of the significant.

Since the fluorescent retroreflective film is capable of absorbing the energy of the invisible 

light in the spectrum and converting it, it is possible to have a better chroma and luminosity, 

i.e., to be more vivid. This fluorescent reflective film, in severe weather conditions, and when 

the sun is not so strong, it is much brighter than the ordinary color, more likely to cause people's 

attention. The use of such retroreflective films in traffic safety facilities is of great significance 

to ensure traffic safety at dawn, dusk, or during inclement weather such as rain, snow and fog. At 

present, the application of fluorescence prismatic retroreflective film in foreign countries has 

been very common, such as fluorescent warning signs, fluorescent linear outline standard, road 

construction area fluorescent signs. Yellow-green fluorescence Prismatic Reflective Film has been 

approved by the US Federal Highway Administration for pedestrian, non-motor vehicles and school 

district traffic signs; orange fluorescent prism reflective film used in construction area signs. 

The world for fluorescent reflective film also introduced the corresponding standard specifications 

and technical conditions.

Note that fluorescent retroreflective film is weather-resistant fluorescent factor and prismatic 

reflective film binding products, the use of lemon yellow printing advertising materials, does not 

belong to this technical areas, although the surface looks close to the chromatographic, but there 

is no fluorescent reflective film Of all technical features.

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