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British rider should wear reflective vests

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017


Walking in the streets of England, you will see a lot of people wearing helmet, wearing a beautiful vest riding, they are not so fashionable, but for safety. Because they wear vest contains reflective material, can effectively reflect the light so that the vehicle can notice their own, which can reduce the occurrence of security incidents.

In the UK, there is no dedicated non-motorized lane. Traffic law also provides that bicycles can not travel on the sidewalk, so only in the motorway "shuttle". The streets of the UK are relatively narrow, and the traffic sector is on the left side of the carway (the British car is on the left) with a yellow line to draw a bike driving area, the width is almost just through a bike. For safety, the transport sector requires cyclists to do the following two points on the road:

First of all, the rider must wear reflective vest. Vest made of a layer of reflective cloth, there is no thick points, only the size of different, regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, wear the outermost. Children can buy a small vest to wear. Now, more and more cyclists on the ankle also tied a reflective band, the purpose is to remind the night of the vehicle to pay attention to their own.

Second, before the road to check whether the body is complete. Especially the lights, the bell is absolutely not less. Night, the British bike blue headlamps and red rear lights a clear one off, far will be able to remind both sides to pay attention to the car.

The domestic city traffic is increasingly congested, the air is getting worse, so there are more and more people choose a green way of travel - riding a bike. We should learn from the experience of the United Kingdom, if we are riding a bike who also wear a reflective vest, their own personal safety is definitely the greatest protection.

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