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Application of Engineering Grade Reflective Film - Road Technology

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2016

First, health and safety precautions

Before handling and using the product, read all of the health and safety precautions mentioned in the Material Safety Information and the Chemical Product Labels.

Second, the use of engineering-grade reflective film

Engineering-grade reflective film is mainly used for the production of vertical exposure set reflective traffic signs and outline standard. Engineering-grade reflective film provides long-term reflective and weather-resistant properties when affixed to a properly designed base plate.

Third, the use of engineering-grade reflective film

Film substrate: Recommended use of properly treated aluminum, stainless steel, glass plate as the foil substrate; for non-recommended substrate, such as rubber, plastic, etc., users must decide the appropriate application of reflective film. Film substrate surface is too rough, film substrate non-weatherability materials, or materials used in harsh or special conditions, may shorten the performance life of materials, the impact of reflective adhesive film adhesive properties.

Film temperature: only when the reflective film and marking the bottom surface temperature above 18 ℃, the film can be carried out operation; the more appropriate temperature is about 25 ℃. Reflective film should be preset in the operation room before film operation, so that the surface temperature of reflective film is above 18 ℃.

For the larger size (greater than 60cmx60cm) of the reflective film, requires the use of film machine film; for the character and smaller size of the reflective film can be used manual film, in order to obtain the maximum initial adhesion, recommend the use of larger pressure, Use 5cm wide rubber roller or PA-12C adhesive scraper or the equivalent of auxiliary film. After the end of the film, all edge parts must be repaired with the above-mentioned auxiliary tool again.

Fourth, screen printing ink: engineering grade reflective film in the film before or after the use of high-quality silk screen printing ink. Recommend the use of 157 mesh screen, water-soluble photoresist production screen.

Fifth,the effective performance of life: the normal use of state, in accordance with the requirements of the production requirements of the project-level signs, manufacturers generally provide seven years of use to ensure that in this period within the reflective film does not fade, do not fall off, no powder; The coefficient value is not less than 50% of the initial minimum retroreflectivity value.

The effective performance life of an engineering grade reflective film depends, on the one hand, on the substrate and substrate chosen, on the one hand, on the manufacturing process, on the geographical conditions of use of the material, on the outdoor use conditions of the material, and on material maintenance .

Project-level reflective film in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the silk screen or foil operation under the premise of the application of static objects, in the case of vertical exposure is expected to achieve the best effective performance life. The flag set in the mountains, when covered with snow for a long time, the effective performance of life will be decay. For special applications such as this, the user should determine the weather resistance and suitability of the marking material in advance.

When used in accordance with the recommended methods, silk-screen inks are generally expected to have, in addition to some lighter color inks, such as yellow, gold or more toners of ink, or mixed inks containing yellow or gold inks, Color reflective film equivalent to the effective performance life. Dilution ink, and atmospheric conditions in certain geographical areas can cause degradation of ink performance life.

Sixth, Note: Engineering-grade reflective film should be stored in the temperature 21 ℃ ~ 24 ℃ and relative humidity 30% ~ 50% of the environment, and reflective film should be used within one year after purchase.

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